Earth Grazer, Inc.
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Aviation Consulting

Earth Grazer draws from years of experience in the aviation industry which can work for your business.

Internet Marketing

Earth Grazer together with its network of web sites works for you to bring traffic at your doorstep.

Web Development

Earth Grazer web development labs create and customize software for your online business.


An Earth grazer is a meteoroid (or other space debris) that enters the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrates, traveling nearly parallel to Earth's surface. The meteor burns up slowly, putting on a beautiful display


Your business can benefit from Earth Grazers years of experience in the aviation industry.

Web Development

Our software development and marketing team is able to work for your business in the online field so that your bottom line grows..


Online marketing is an constantly growing field, Earth Grazer is in the business to promote and develop your online marketing ventures.

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